Posted on Fri 06 September 2019 in Network


Configure VRF

  • Create the new VRF:

    ip vrf VRFNAME description This is your new vrf rd 65000:101

The rd is a route distinguisher in the form of an AS number and an arbitrary number (xxx:y) or an IP address and an arbitrary number ( x.x.x.x:y).

  • Back up the interface config (not necessary if this is a new interface).
  • Add interface to new VRF:

    interface Ethernet0/3 ip vrf forwarding VRFNAME

  • Re-add the interface configuration (ip address, etc.).

  • Configure OSPF (or other IGP) to be VRF-aware:

    router ospf 101 vrf VRFNAME network area 0

Configure Inter-VRF Routing

  • Create prefix list of routes to leak:

    ip prefix-list LEAK-TO-VRF seq 10 permit ip prefix-list LEAK-TO-VRF seq 20 permit ip prefix-list LEAK-TO-VRF seq 9001 deny le 32

  • Create a route-map to use the prefix list

    route-map IMPORT-FROM-GLOBAL permit 10 match ip address prefix-list LEAK-TO-VRF

  • Apply the route-map to the VRF:

    ip vrf scrubbed import ipv4 unicast map IMPORT-FROM-GLOBAL